Ford 7 seater cars

Ford is one of the manufacturers with the most alternatives when it comes to finding a suitable 7 seater car for your family. But even Ford shows that the once popular Compact and Large MPVs lose importance and are replaced by new forms of SUVs. For instance the once poular Grand C-Max with 7 seats is no longer available in the year 2018. But there are still 3 Ford 7 Seater models available.
(Information updated: June 2018)

Ford Grand Tourneo Connect with sliding doors

Ford Tourneo Connect –

At the end of 2013, Ford introduced the Tourneo Connect as it’s representative in the class Leisure Activity Vehicles in the European market. The Tourneo Connect does not have much in common with the first generation LAVs which were basically commercial vans trimmed for passenger cars. The new Tourneo is based on the same platform as the Ford C-Max. But still, in the interior plastic keeps dominating.

The long version of the Tourneo Connect, offers 3rd row seating as Standard Equipment with a maximum load capacity of 2,620 liters. Since the passenger seat can also be folded down, objects of up to three meters long can be transported.

Prices for the Tourneo Connect  start at £18,915 in the UK.

Ford S-Max – the Sporty MPV

FORD S -Max – Photo – Jed Leicester

The S-Max plays in its own league. The almost 4.80 m long vehicle combines the sportiness of a sedan with the spaciousness of a van. Like the Galaxy, the S-Max comfortably seats up to seven people. The two individual seats with fold-down seat backrests in the third row are part of the standard equipment. The Titanium and S-Line trims include the Easy-Fold-system (by pressing a button) and the Easy Entry System. Prices in the UK start at £26,450; in Ireland prices for the S-Max start at € 39,285.

3rd row seatings is also available in the luxury version S-Max Vignale. This line is marketed as a separate model and features leather upholstery, active noise cancellation, Sony navigation system, alloy wheels and much more. The prices including third row seats start at £35,390 EUR in the UK and €49,685 in Ireland.

Ford Galaxy – the Space Wonder

Ford Galaxy

Today, the Galaxy is the veteran of family cars. The initial version started in the summer of 1995 and was originally identical to the Volkswagen Sharan and the Seat Alhambra.

3rd row seating is part of the standard equipment including the FoldFlat system, which allows the two single seats of the 3rd row to be sunk completely in the vehicle floor. The seats in row 3 can be folded down individually and the head restraints can be lowered. Prices start at £28,000 in the UK and €42,885 in Ireland.