5 Large 7 Seater Cars

In case you need 3rd row seating on a regular basis and not just on special occasions you should look out for a large 7 seater car that also offers loading capacity when all 7 seats are in use.

In this article we have put together a list of the most spacious 7 seater cars and also offer a list of the most spacious 7 seater SUVs.

5 most spacious 7 Seater Cars

VW Caddy Maxi Life: max. 4,130 Liters

Volkswagen’s MPV the VW Caddy is one of the most popular family cars. Originally it was designed as a commercial van and later it was offered also as a People Mover version.

In June 2015, the 4th generation of the Caddy came on the market. The Caddy is available with two different wheelbases. The maxi is 47 cm longer and comes to a total length of 4.87 m. Both versions are available as both a five and a seven-seater. Compared to his sister model the VW Touran, the Caddy comes exclusively with rear sliding doors.


Length: 4,878 mm
Width: 1,793 mm
Height: 1,868-1,899
Loading Capacity 2-, 5-, 7 seater: 4,130 / 1.650 / 530 Liter


Fiat Doblo

The Doblo was originally designed as a commercial van and has been on the market since 2001. In 2010, the second generation came to the market, which is powered by modern Multijet diesel engines or a gasoline engine. In 2015 Fiat Doblò received a face lift with a revised front end with new headlamps, grille, and front bumper to coincide with the release of the Ram ProMaster City. It is manufactured in Bursa, Turkey.

In the long version it has up to 1.050 boot capacity with 5 sets up:


Length: 4,406 mm
Width: 1,832 mm
Height: 1,845-1,905 mm
Loading Capacity 2-, 5-, 7 seater: 3,200 / 790 / 130 Liter

Ford Grand Tourneo

In 2013 Ford introduced the Tourneo Connect as it’s model in the class of Leisure Activity Vehicles in the European market. The new generation of the Ford Tourneo is based on the same platform as the Ford C-Max and thus has not much in common anymore with the 1st generation; which was basically a commercial vans trimmed for passenger cars.

Ford Grand Tourneo Connect – @FordMedia.eu

The long version of the Tourneo Connect, offers 3rd row seating as Standard Equipment with a maximum load capacity of 2,620 liters. Since the passenger seat can also be folded down, objects of up to three meters long can be transported.


Length: 4,818 mm
Width: 1,835 mm
Height: 1,836 mm
Loading Capacity 2-, 5-, 7 seater: 2,620 / 1,287 / 322 Liter

Seat Alhambra

The Seat Alhambra is no longer a van in the classic sense, it is a multi-functional, large-capacity sedan with modern design. The Seat Alhambra is the sister model of the Volkswagen Sharan II. It has become even more similar to the Sharan in the current generation and is usually cheaper as its German sister.

The Alhambra is available in the main English speaking markets UK and Ireland as well as most European countries and some countries in the middle east.


Length: 4,854 mm
Width: 1,904 mm
Height: 1,702 mm
Loading Capacity 2-, 5-, 7 seater: 2,430 / 809 / 300 Liter

Ford Galaxy

Today, the Galaxy is the veteran of family cars. The initial version started in 1995 and was identical to the Volkswagen Sharan and the Seat Alhambra.

Ford Galaxy @FordMedia.eu

3rd row seating is part of the standard equipment including the FoldFlat system, which allows the two single seats of the 3rd row to be sunk completely in the vehicle floor. The seats in row 3 can be folded down individually and the head restraints can be lowered.


Length: 4,848 mm
Width: 1,916 mm
Height: 1,747 mm
Loading Capacity 2-, 5-, 7 seater: 2,339 / 700 / 300 Liter


Header Photo: Fiat Doblo Interior @fiatpress.de