The Luxury 7 seater car: BMW X7

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In the spring of 2019 the BMW X7 came on the market. The question of whether an SUV above the BMW X5 is really needed, is allowed.

The dimensions of the X7 are gigantic, with a length of 16ft10 in, a width of 6ft6in and a height of almost 5ft11in.

With a wheelbase of 3.10 m, there is enough room for a third row of seats, which BMW provides as standard. The 3rd row is comfortable enough to be accessed by two adults, as BMW has made the rear doors larger than those of “little” brother X5.

The second row has three seats as standard in a conventional rear seat arrangement. Optionally, two individual seats can be ordered. The second row can be moved for more legroom by 14.5 inches in the longitudinal direction.

If all seven seats are in use in the X7, there is still a storage space of 326 (!) Liters available. For comparison: A BMW 1 Series offers 360 liters of luggage space.

The cargo space can be extended by folding the second and third rows of seats to over 2120 liters.

The X7 is powered either by a straight-six-cylinders petrol engine with 340 hp (xDrive40i) or by diesel engines of 265 hp (xDrive30d) or 400 hp (M50d).

The power distribution for all engines is provided by an 8-speed Steptronic transmission with permanent four-wheel drive. In driving situations that do not require all-wheel drive, the driving force can be conducted completely to the rear wheels. Otherwise, the distribution of the drive torque between the front and rear axle is variable.

The two-axle air suspension with automatic level control offers a very special comfort. The individual control of the air supply of the suspension via a compressor also makes it possible to compensate for uneven loading of the vehicle.

Prices for the BMW X7 start at £72,155 EUR in the UK or €114.863 in Ireland.